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Gutter Protection WA Gutter Shield will look after your biggest asset, and give you professional service every time. Do not leave your gutters to catch an ember attack, or clog up with dirt and grim and wear down.

We offer cleaning, repairs and maintenance. In addition we provide gutter guard as a long term solution to keep gutters clean. Gutter guard or mesh is a simple service that can be installed quickly and prevent leaves from clogging the gutters. Gutter guard helps with the issues below:

  • Water overflow
  • Mice and vermin
  • Bird nests
  • Rusting gutters
  • Blocking leaves

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Ridge pointing is a second layer which goes over the top of the bedding to help create a stronger hold on the tiles and seal the roof against dust and water. Cement mortar used to be used for tiled roof pointing, but has been replaced by flexible pointing compounds. Flexible pointing expands and contracts with changing weather conditions, which is especially relevant in Canberra with its wide temperature range. If your pointing has cracked or deteriorated, your roof is far more likely to start  leaking which will cause damage to your assets.

We specialise in gutter and downpipe repairs and replacement for residential and commercial properties. Gutters need regular maintenance as they get affected by the weather and time. The most common problems are rusting, flaking paint and leakage. Left unattended this can cause further damage to your home including rusting or rotting of the fascia, collapsing of the eaves or dampening of the plaster inside your home. Repairing gutters and downpipes on time will save your roof and will also improve your house image.

Maintaining gutters is important to keep them clean and functional. We offer cleaning, replacement, extensions and other services. We work with commercial and residential properties as well as property rental companies on maintenance. Also enquire about our gutter guard services. Gutter guard or mesh is a safe and long term solution to extend the lifetime of your gutters.

Our gutter cleaning team has over 10 yeas experience. We are Perth based and are able to provide premium service. Leafs and weather affect the gutters of your home. Get them checked out before its too late. Find out what condition your roof are gutters are in. Also enquire about gutter guard protection to avoid gutter cleaning in the future. Putting a mesh protection is a safe and long term solution.

When it comes to gutter guard, WA Gutter Shield are your local experienced gutter guard installers in the Perth. Annoying gutter cleaning and climbing on your roof is a thing of the past with gutter guard product. We offer commercial, industrial and domestic services. With our local Australian products we are able to guarantee highest quality and durability of our gutter guard (mesh) product.

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